Law references in due course: Legislative Act 196/2003

Personal data treatment occurs through manual, informatic and telematic means with motivations in accordance with the purposes stated below and, in any case, such as to grant their safety and confidentiality. Personal data are treated in the field of commercial activities undertaken by the Oscar Boscarol srl, with the following purposes:

  • Activities which are strictly related to the management of the relationships with the customer aiming to his full satisfaction. Personal data are provided to the Oscar Boscarol srl and their purpose is to finalize commercial, fiscal, administrative and accounting aspects and for this reason their provision to the company is mandatory; the lack of such data may occur in the missing processing of customers’ requests. While executing its activities, the Oscar Boscarol srl may rely on third parts who will provide necessary services strictly connected to the management of the relationship with the customer; treatment of data performed by these parts is necessary in terms of orders processing besides the satisfaction of any other customer’s request: from credit recovery to mails preparation and shipment. Instead, data archive is entirely managed by the Oscar Boscarol itself with no intervention of any other part. The Oscar Boscarol srl does not exchange any data to third parts or to any other competitor. Should the owner of personal data refuses to agree on data treatment procedure for the aims stated above by third parties rather than Oscar Boscarol srl, all his requests might not be processed.
  • Marketing purposes aiming to the development of Oscar Boscarol srl commercial activities with regard of which the interested part might not even agree on.

Data treatment is legally and correctly monitored as per art. 11 of Legislative Act 196/2003 in due course. Such data are achieved by the means of electronic and automated instruments which are managed, protected and maintained safe as per Privacy code. Data access obeys to what stated by the Disciplinare Tecnico in Materia di Misure Minime di Sicurezza (annex B of Legilsative Act 196/2003). In order to favour its customers facilitating the satisfaction of their requests, the Oscar Boscarol srl directly manages (or, through third parts) activities related to marketing researches besides commercial and advertising information about its products and activities. The customer owns the right not to agree on his data treatment by pointing it out in the agreement declaration. Nevertheless, the Oscar Boscarol srl reserves the right to send commercial information if the law permits it even in case the customer was not asked to agree on it.
Such data might be communicated to the typology of parts above described and can be acknowledged by people specifically designated by the Oscar Boscarol srl with the goal stated in this informative, besides its own employers who are directly appointed by the Company in order to manage them.
Accordingly to what stated in the art. 7 of Legislative Act dated 30 June 2003 n. 196 ("Personal Data Protection Code"), the interested part owns the right to:

  • Get confirmation of the existence of personal data related to him, although not recorded yet, their intelligible communication, the origin of their nature, data treatment aims and purposes besides getting the indication of the applied logic in case of data archive through electronic means with the possibility for the Oscar Boscarol srl to ask for a refund of the costs eventually sustained for this research;
  • Get contact details of owner, person in charge and designated responsible as per art. 5, paragraph 2 of Personal Data Protection Code as well as the indication of the people to whom such data might be communicated or that might get to know the data as designated responsible and people in charge of the treatment;
  • Obtain update, amendment or data integration, when requested;
  • Cancellation, anonymous modification or complete block of data treatment in case of law violation included those data whose collection related to above stated pupose is not necessary;
  • Get confirmation that operations as per paragraphs c) and d) were aquainted to those whom data were communicated to, also with concern to their content, excepted the case in which such confirmation may result non-proportioned with relation to cost/right preservation.
  • Entirely or partially oppose for legitimate reasons to the treatment of data, although for its right purpose, besides oppose to personal data treatment for advertisement purpose, direct selling, commercial communication and market research.

The request as per paragraphs 1) and 2) can be renewed by the interested part within a lapse of time not inferior to 90 (ninety) days, except where otherwise indicated for justified reasons.
Owner of personal data treatment is OSCAR BOSCAROL SRL based in Via Enzo Ferrari 29 – 39100 Bolzano - Italy. For the purposes above stated, that is for possible communications by the interested part, Oscar Boscarol srl informs that responsible for such data treatment for Selling Area is Mr Daniele Brazzo based in via Enzo Ferrari 29 – 39100 Bolzano Tel. +39 0471932893 – Fax +39 0257760140 - E-mail db@boscarol.it.
An updated list of the people in charge of personal data treatment appointed by the owner is available upon request sent to the responsible above mentioned.


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