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The continuous requests for innovation coming from the market called for some turning points concerning design and production processes: for this reason the company took the chance to develop entire product lines specifically dedicated to the emergency.  

Back in the 90s first aid and emergency activities were affected by logistic and operative lacks: emergency vehicles were often undererrated and crumbling. As a matter of fact most of the vehicles were thought as mere patients transport means thus increasing mortality rate. In the 2000s the increase of fatal car crashes connected to rehabilitation  high costs led the WHO (World Health Organization) to evaluate the situation and considering it as a “slipped out of control” circumstance. Furthermore, the increase of natural catastrophes and huge infective diseases besides the continuous requests for civil protection interventions were all aspects to be taken into consideration: the Oscar Boscarol srl was promptly present on the market with products up to the users specific needs.  

The increase of emergency vehicles production worldwide led to the creation of a products range  completely dedicated to this use intention; firstly, the re-styling of the OB2000 suction unit adapted in order to comply to the latest regulations in due course, and then the wall bracket, the first one to be worldwide homologated after specific crash tests and lately the OB1000, OB Minivac and OB500 (ambulance stationary suction unit) range of products. Thanks to its resources the Oscar Boscarol srl applied the European Directive on its medical devices right since 1987 by introducing design and production modifications properly fitting new projects development. Since 1988 the Company has been pursuing the way of technological innovation for all its devices by investing all profits so to complete the suction unit family of products thus making them worldwide known.

In the year 2003 a new study for an oxygen distribution system and related pressure reducer on emergency vehicles started: it successfully ended in the year 2005 after all laboratory tests were performed, which led to the final homologation and the issue of the CE certificate with consequent commercialization of the devices.   

Since the year 2008 some new product families were added to the existing range of Boscarol products such as resuscitators and ventilation masks thus reaching a complete independence from other manufacturers and becoming more competitive on all markets, offering innovative, safer products and in accordance with all current norms.
Today, the company is present on both national and international markets with the following products family:

1.    Medical Suction Unit particularly suitable in the emergency field
2.    Bags, rucksacks and cases for the safe and functional storage of medical devices
3.    Immobilization and transport products for poly-traumatized patients
4.    Pressure reducer for medical oxygen
5.    Oxygen distribution kit for ambulances and emergency vehicles
6.    Resuscitator bags
7.    Ventilation masks


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