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  • OB Life Support 300 is a defibrillator featuring pulsed biphasic signal, Multipulse Biowave®. The patient is defibrillated using single-patient electrodes which are also needed for ECG and shock release.
  • Moreover, the user is guided with acoustic and written instructions (different languages available).
  • The device automatically recognises the connected electrodes (adult or children) and selects the defibrillation energy accordingly.
  • Available as semi-automatic defibrillators (ref. DAE300) or automatic (ref. DAE300A).
  • The green indicator is blinking if no problem is detected during the last self-test.
  • The yellow indicator is lit when the device does not detect an acceptable resistance between the electrodes (i.e. when the electrodes are not applied and/or the electrode cable is not connected).
  • High-resolution LCD display, electroluminescent backlighting, text and symbol display (Dim. 100x37 mm)
  • The green button has the ON/OFF function
  • The device is operated with a non-rechargeable, disposable Li/Mn02 battery (shelf life 5 years), whose capacity is sufficient for 180 shocks at maximum energy, or 3,75 hours operating (alternately 30 minutes ON and 30 minutes OFF).
  • The device is equipped with a memory card (SD card). During the intervention, data can be saved, including the analysed ECG data, ambient noise and further events (up to 2 hours and up to 500 events).
  • Orange button to trigger the defibrillation shock in semi-automatic mode only.
  • Shock needed analysis. In case ECG interpretation requires a defibrillation, the device automatically informs the operator that a shock is needed, by pressing the orange button. In automatic mode, the device alerts the user that the shock will be delivered, and informs the user that the shock has been delivered. When ECG analysis does not detect an abnormal rhythm, the device alerts the operator that a shock is not needed: a CPR intervention will be requested instead.
  • Motion detection function. When the ECG analysis is disturbed by CPR or patient movements, the device informs the user via a voice prompt and a written message on the display.
  • When the "metronome" is activated, the device sets a configurable pace for the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Maintenance. A safety check must be performed by Oscar Boscarol srl every 3 years. The internal backup battery must be replaced at least every 6 years by Oscar Boscarol srl.
  • An internal safety discharge ensures that the stored energy is discharged within the device every time a defibrillation shock was not delivered correctly.
  • Self-test. Every time the device is switched on, a self-test is performed. In addition, the device performs a daily or weekly self-test. The device alerts the operator in case an anomaly is detected. Immediately after a battery has been inserted, the device performs a self-test of the device and battery.


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