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Rigid steel structure allowing to absorb all sudden movements during transport also tank to its fixing system. The certification issued by TÜV Product Service grants its conformity to all current norms (EN-1865– EN 1789)

  • Back rest and lying part made with thermoplastic material reinforced to allow cardiac massage. Easy to clean and to disinfect 
  • Adjustable back rest 0° - 90° moved by a gas piston which allow to fix the back rest safely in any position 
  • Side protections completely overturning
  • Blocking device for folded legs with a system that avoid the compression of the blocking bar 
  • Safety lever for the legs positioned near the unlocking device allowing thus the release operation for the loading, keeping the hands on the stretcher  
  • Vertical legs protected by nylon wedges  
  • Automatic balancing device mounted on rotating wheels. This system automatically block the back wheels in the central position during the loading of the stretcher on the ambulance without having to turn the wheels manually
  • 4 wheels, diameter 150 mm, 2 fixed and turning, one of which anti-static
  • Complete with mattress and belts
  • Dimensions open: length about 193 cm; max loading height about 81 cm; min. loading height about 63 cm
  • Dimensions close: height about 22 cm
  • Capacity: 170 kg
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • CODE CND V0899 – CODE RDM 101524


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